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Let God Surprise You

Lists, Goals, Projects: Oh, how I love these things. Notebooks, Planners, Calendars: I’m all in. You, too?  In ninth grade, I mapped out my entire high school curriculum just for fun. In college, I carefully plotted my classes so I could take extra hours each semester in subjects I loved. I knew what my senior […]


Who Has A Heart Like Joseph’s?

Not long after we had adopted our younger son, I heard about a couple who had adopted 12 children. Each one of these precious kids was considered “unadoptable” because of various physical and mental challenges. All of them required continuous care and since the family was quite wealthy, they had the means to provide for […]

Photo 21-Religious Symbols

Three Faiths, Three Views of Adoption

Adoption is part of our spiritual heritage as Christians. We are steeped in adoption culture, whether we are fully conscious of it or not. Our faith teaches Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, and since we are also His children, this makes all of us His adopted sons and daughters. We know we are […]

Away In The Manger

Away In The Manger

This is a painting from a children’s book I wrote and illustrated called  Joseph’s Heart: A Story of Adoption. It is titled  Away in the Manger and is the most whimsical image from the book.  Baby Jesus takes center stage as He lies in swaddling clothing, surrounded by a bird’s eye view of various creatures. They look […]

Joseph Super Hero

Saint Joseph, Super Hero

  Su-per-he-ro (soo’per hlr’o) n., pl. ­ roes. A heroic character with a selfless, pro-social mission; with superpowers- extraordinary abilities, advanced technology, or highly developed physical, mental, or mystical skills Was Joseph a Biblical Super Hero? A look at Joseph’s Story through 21st century eyes: Let’s do a quick recap, shall we? A nice Jewish […]

Here Is My Son

Here Is My Son

  After Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary wait one month in Bethlehem before taking Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem. In the Old Testament, the law requires after thirty days the new parents must travel to the Temple  to consecrate their son to the Lord and make a sacrificial offering of two turtledoves. “Every […]

You Were Born In My Heart

You Were Born In My Heart

So it came to be Mary and Joseph were married. As they were settling in to their new home, an order was given. All people had to return to the town of their birth to be registered and counted. This meant Mary and Joseph must journey a long distance. Joseph worried it was dangerous to […]

Joseph Under The Nightsky

Abraham, David and Joseph

If Joseph was a guy who played by the rules, my next theory is he also knew a lot about his family tree. I believe Joseph studied the great patriarchs, prophets and kings of Israel as any dedicated Torah scholar should. Three of his ancestors are especially important in understanding Joseph. Abraham, his forefather, faithfully […]

Purdue Egg Show Grand Sweepstakes Winner 1922

The 1st Ever Joseph’s Heart Award

We are a culture obsessed with awards, aren’t we?  Participation trophies,  annual certificates of appreciation, engraved plaques for most improved scout team player, whatever. We just can’t get enough of them. So I’ve decided to create an award. I mean, why not? All you have to do is declare the award exists and make an […]

Gift of You

The Michael Reagan Syndrome

What? You’ve never heard of it? The Michael Reagan Syndrome is when a person who happens to be adopted is constantly referred to as the adopted son or daughter of ________.  (Don’t bother googling it, it’s a made up term.) Michael Reagan is the oldest son of President Ronald Reagan with his first wife, Jane […]

Winnie the Pooh

What To Say To Adoptive Parents

Search the internet and you will find countless articles about what NOT to say to people who have adopted. (901,000 Google results last I checked) There exists a whole litany of dumb remarks that are commonly said about adoption. Unfortuately, most adoptive parents never forget these comments and the people who say them. You remember […]

Dr Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing One and Thing Two

Our Story (How we got Thing One and Thing Two) We met in college, dated through undergrad and got married before graduate school. Coming from large families, we knew we  wanted children. We loved kids and the idea of  little ones running around. There was a big unknown, however. In my senior year of high […]

Joseph Holding Baby Jesus

The Idea That Wouldn’t Go Away Part 2

Along with the excitement about The Idea, I soon realized there were countless details to work out to make this book a reality. Even though I was an artist with a BFA and MFA in Drawing and Painting, the truth was I had: No experience with illustration. Large Mixed Media Abstract Images? Why, yes. Realistic […]

St. Joseph Creche 2

The Idea That Wouldn’t Go Away

It was the first Christmas after September 11th, when the hearts of all humanity were broken and tender. We knew the world had changed and would never really be the same, but many of us were trying to reach back to our old lives, to recreate something familiar, something comforting. Something to remind us of […]