Psalm 23 Necklace

Artists often work in series and I’m no exception.

The idea for this crystal beaded bracelet depicting the 23rd Psalm, using a different colored bead to represent the idea behind every line:

Psalm 23 Bracelet 2

Twenty Third Psalm Colors

Led to this idea for a boho style Psalm 23 bracelet:

Psalm 23 Bracelet 6 mm small

Psalm 23 Boho Card

Which in turn started me thinking about a designing a necklace, something using the same colors but with smaller, more beads.

As a young girl, my favorite was an Add-a-pearl necklace I wore each year on my birthday, with a new pearl for every year:

Add A Pearl Necklace

The 3 mm beads are lovely, but not bold enough to create a contrast in colors. I kept looking and these rondelles caught my eye.

A rondelle bead is one that is round and flat. They are used as spacers between larger beads and as accents. I think these beauties can work well all by themselves.

Rondelle Beads

After much experimentation, I ended up with two different styles for the Psalm 23 necklaces. The first uses sparkly faceted crystal rondelles:

Faceted Rondelle Psalm 23 Necklace

The second is a smooth rondelle version with beads of various sheens:

Smooth Rondelle Psalm 23 Necklace

Each necklace is 17 inches long, but has an extender and can be lengthened up to 20 inches. More photos and information are found in my etsy shop,

Faceted Rondelle Psalm 23 Necklace

Smooth Rondelle Psalm 23 Necklace

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