Your Stories Inspire Me

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Your stories inspire me.

When I go on a book signing or to a book fair, exhibit at an art walk or craft festival, I hear your stories. In my Etsy Shop and on Facebook, you send me notes about who you are buying for and why this person will be getting a book, print, rosary or a piece of jewelry.

I hear about the new nephew from China or the daughter from Ethiopia. I learn about your mother’s fight with cancer and how she wears her bracelet to every treatment. You share about your friend whose son took his life and how she prays the rosary when she she can’t sleep. You tell me about your father who is ashamed of being adopted, so you buy a book to encourage him. Your neighbor who has fostered 27 children becomes my new favorite person. Through you I come to know who is getting baptized, confirmed, married, received into the church, who is traveling overseas to bring home a child, who is fighting to get well.

Behind every purchase you make is the thought of someone you love and someone you want to help. I love and cherish every story.

It is an honor to be a tiny part of every journey, every struggle, every joy. Although it may look like I am selling and promoting artwork, beadwork and books, the truth is:

I am treasuring your stories.


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