Inspired By The Book Of Revelation

Several people in my life are in the process of overcoming. Overcoming an addiction, a broken heart, a long illness. One dear soul I love is saying goodbye to her family as she gets ready to meet the Lord. Overcomers are the true warriors. To overcome, in Scripture, means to hear God’s voice, then to […]

Bind My Heart

Inspired By A Hymn

Sometimes a line from a song just brands itself into your mind. This line from the famous hymn has always resonated with me and so many others, it seems. We long to be close to God, but we wander away so easily and thoughtlessly. No wonder Jesus was always talking about sheep. This print is […]

Body of Christ

Are Christians One Big Family?

  Isn’t the Body of Christ the most amazing and eclectic group of believers? We have Latin chanting monks, kindly Protestant Sunday School teachers, pamphlet passing door-to-door bell ringers, mega church preachers and missionaries in the wilderness, all on the same team for Jesus. We come from ┬ámany traditions, many perspectives and yet all follow […]