Story to Tell 2

Your Stories Inspire Me

Your stories inspire me. When I go on a book signing or to a book fair, exhibit at an art walk or craft festival, I hear your stories. In my Etsy Shop and on Facebook, you send me notes about who you are buying for and why this person will be getting a book, print, […]


Who Has A Heart Like Joseph’s?

Not long after we had adopted our younger son, I heard about a couple who had adopted 12 children. Each one of these precious kids was considered “unadoptable” because of various physical and mental challenges. All of them required continuous care and since the family was quite wealthy, they had the means to provide for […]

Joseph Super Hero

Saint Joseph, Super Hero

  Su-per-he-ro (soo’per hlr’o) n., pl. ­ roes. A heroic character with a selfless, pro-social mission; with superpowers- extraordinary abilities, advanced technology, or highly developed physical, mental, or mystical skills Was Joseph a Biblical Super Hero? A look at Joseph’s Story through 21st century eyes: Let’s do a quick recap, shall we? A nice Jewish […]

Here Is My Son

Here Is My Son

  After Jesus was born, Joseph and Mary wait one month in Bethlehem before taking Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem. In the Old Testament, the law requires after thirty days the new parents must travel to the Temple  to consecrate their son to the Lord and make a sacrificial offering of two turtledoves. “Every […]

Joseph Holding Baby Jesus

The Idea That Wouldn’t Go Away Part 2

Along with the excitement about The Idea, I soon realized there were countless details to work out to make this book a reality. Even though I was an artist with a BFA and MFA in Drawing and Painting, the truth was I had: No experience with illustration. Large Mixed Media Abstract Images? Why, yes. Realistic […]

St. Joseph Creche 2

The Idea That Wouldn’t Go Away

It was the first Christmas after September 11th, when the hearts of all humanity were broken and tender. We knew the world had changed and would never really be the same, but many of us were trying to reach back to our old lives, to recreate something familiar, something comforting. Something to remind us of […]