Photo 21-Religious Symbols

Three Faiths, Three Views of Adoption

Adoption is part of our spiritual heritage as Christians. We are steeped in adoption culture, whether we are fully conscious of it or not. Our faith teaches Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, and since we are also His children, this makes all of us His adopted sons and daughters. We know we are […]

You Were Born In My Heart

You Were Born In My Heart

So it came to be Mary and Joseph were married. As they were settling in to their new home, an order was given. All people had to return to the town of their birth to be registered and counted. This meant Mary and Joseph must journey a long distance. Joseph worried it was dangerous to […]

Dr Seuss Thing 1 and Thing 2

Thing One and Thing Two

Our Story (How we got Thing One and Thing Two) We met in college, dated through undergrad and got married before graduate school. Coming from large families, we knew we  wanted children. We loved kids and the idea of  little ones running around. There was a big unknown, however. In my senior year of high […]